ARTISAN VIOLINS Laurentius Huige



  "What kind of 'magician' are you?! My viola sounds a thousand times better and
the tone is more 'free' and 'open'. I also hear more overtones, is this possible?
Thank you so much for your work on my instrument!"
 - Herr G. Lusser; Feldkirch, AT -

 "Laurens, thank you so much for your extensive restoration on my cello!
The neck is completely new and looks wonderful, a lot better then it was too.
The sound is also a lot better and easier to play than I remember, is this true?"
 - Miss P. Thomas; London, UK -

 "You made the violin I inherited from my grandfather playable.
I never knew him, but now I have something that he cherished and loved.
Thank you so much for playing it for me when you brought it back.
I was so happy to hear it after all this time. It sounded wonderful.
You really made my weekend!"
 - Mevr. M. Bloem; St. Pancras, NL -

 "Our thanks to the team of 'Artisan Violins', who made the violin,
we rediscovered on our attic, play again and has now sold it. 
I am sure it made a fabulous Christmas gift. All the best and again thank you very much."
 - Frau E. Frick; Mauren, FL -

 "After the maintenance service my English cello sounds fresh and lively once more. 
I fell in love with its sound again. Thank you and warmest regards."
 - Herr M. Lehmann; Zürich, CH -