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    Antiqued Violin Back
    Antiqued Violin Scroll

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    New Style Violin Back and corners
    New Style Violin Scroll

Quality of sound is of course paramount when making a completely new instrument.          

But the visual impact of an instrument is also important. One should fall in love with the instrument time and time again as soon as it gets revealed from the case.

Often older instruments are described as having character and then people mean the looks of the instrument too, not just the unique voice. Looks depend on personal taste, as always, and they can – up to a limit – be requested and delivered.


A completely new look is often regarded as an empty canvas, which can be used and marked (unintentionally!) by the player. Very interesting if you want to leave your own mark on history by a specific wear and aging pattern on your instrument. 

Many famous instruments have been named after their players like Paganini, Hubermann, Kreisler, Heifetz and Vieuxtemps, or they are named after the people who have collected or commissioned them like the Medici family or Baron Knoop.


To get an instrument with an antique look we try to start working towards a good end result early in the process. A convincingly old instrument does not just start with the varnishing process.








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a 2013 handmade Violin with a

clear sound. Based on Strad's

model of the Messiah, made

in England, signed on the inside

by Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas

and Rachel Barton-Pine



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