ARTISAN VIOLINS Laurentius Huige



Everything on an instrument plays a part towards the special sound that makes it unique, but there are two – relatively small – pieces of wood that are especially important. These are the soul and heart of the instrument, the sound post and bridge (respectively).



Sound adjustment is usually a very precise job, because a 0.25 mm wood more or less on the bridge or 1% less or more fit, pressure or shifting in placing area of the soundpost can mean the difference between an instrument with a voice which is ‘open’ or ‘nasal’, delivers more ‘treble’ or more ‘bass’, or which projects a clear sound or more warmth.  


Many of these tonal qualities are already inside the instrument, but just the right adjustment can strengthen the internal sound or balance it.

This opens up more possibilities of musical interpretation and expression. Whatever your desired tone may be, we enjoy realising your dream-sound, within your

instrument’s margin or beyond it.


We would also like to help you getting rid of unwanted vibrations, buzzes and annoying wolf notes to improve your playing experience.