ARTISAN VIOLINS Laurentius Huige



Apart from being an artistic piece of craftsmanship, your instrument is also a tool, made of natural resources. This means, that wear and tear affect the instrument: in particular her sound, playability and looks.

We recommend you to take your instrument to your violin maker for a short check-up, clean-up and ‘sound-check’ every 6-12 months (depending on the amount of playing you regularly do and consequently the speed of usage wear).

When buying your instrument from us, the first 2 services are free of charge.

A new re-hair treatment for your bow – depending on usage – is recommended on average once a year. Do not wait too long, because repairing or replacing a broken bow can usually be very costly and time-consuming! 





 Run your mouse over this picture to see:
           Violin bow in need of repair - before,
           A head-wedge cut to precision with a slot to allow for the hairs to pass along,
           Lapping (Silver wire) process.

        German violin before,
        German violin during repair and set-up,
        German violin finished